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If you are Looking for a reliable welding company in Kuching for your metal fabrication needs, you are most welcome to talk to us. As a general welding services company in Kuching we provide metal welding services for your industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Our Welding Services

  • Pedestrian Guard Rail
  • Collapsible Gate
  • Security Grilles
  • Door and Window Grilles
  • Drain metal cover / grating
  • All kinds of Fencing
  • Wire Mesh Partition
  • Wire Mesh Storage
  • Metal Brackets

Our main focus is always on Cost, Quality, Completion Time and Clients' Satisfaction.

We understand our customers' needs very well. Let us help you to make your project clear and save cost for you. Our highly skilled and experienced welders are in tune with current trend and customers' expectations and needs with creativity in various kinds of welding works from metal gates, door iron grilles, fencing to drain covers and other welding requirements.

Call us now for free consultation without any obligation.

chain kink fencing instalation
Chain Link Fencing

pedestrian guard railing
Pedestrian Guard Rail

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Welding Services

metal drain cover round iron bar
MS Drain Cover welding Round Bar
Mild Steel hollow sections Mild steel angle iron
Ms Hollow Sections Ms Angle Iron
MS PIPES WELDING metal bracket
Fabricating Materials Metal Bracket welding
heavy duty drain metal cover drain grating
Metal Drain Cover Drain Grating
metal storage with wheels wire mesh partition
Metal Storage welding Wire Mesh Partition

Welding Works

metal fencing metal swing gate
Metal Fence Swing Metal Gate
sliding door iron grille collapsible iron gate
Iron Grille welding Foldable Metal gate
wire mesh type storage pedestrian guard rail
Wire Mesh Storage Pedestrian Guard Rail
metal cover for drain drain grating
Window Grille welding Metal Drain Grating


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A Welding Services Company Committed to Quality, Value, Timeliness, Safety and Customers' Satisfaction

Welding Contractor - Kuching
Ground Flr, Lot 309, Lebuh Sekama, Kuching,
93300 Malaysia
Tel: +6010 234 9734
Mobile: +6010 234 9734
Email: buildwell.constructionjob@gmail.com
Office Hours: Monday to Friday
Morning - 8.00am - 12.00pm
Afternoon - 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Saturday: 8.00am - 1.00pm

Selecting The Right Welding Company

A welding Contractor is appointed by a client or employer to carry out their specific metal fabrication needs which is vital for the success and satisfaction of the client. If the client is inexperienced, it is important to seek advice from some welding service companies before proceeding. The process of selecting a welding contractor can generally be referred to as 'tendering" or simple quotations whichever the case maybe and usually involves preparing tender documents that describe the project in details for final decision making.
It is important to know the welding company's track record and its experience relating to the type of welding project you want done if your job demands high technicality and specialization. This is especially so when industrial welding works are concerned. The welding specialist should be able to provide, adequate advise and recommendations on welding materials process and completion time to your expectation as well as your budget.
It will be beneficial to visit some existing job sites for better understanding and appreciation on the working culture and finishing quality. If your welding needs cover general domestic metal items such as drain covers, iron gate, fencing, guard railings or iron grilles, then most (if not all) welding contractors should be competent to fabricate with ease. Obtaining a few quotes for the works is encouraged just to ensure you get the best deal in pricing and completion time.
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